gemini 0.1


Robot Statistics

Good hand/upper body movement
Humanoid & Clamp Hands

Activation Date
December 2019
Walking Variant
6' 1"
130 Lbs
Max Speed
0.3 MPH
Steel, Aluminum, ABS
Power Consumption
50 A (12v)
Battery Life

The Gemini 0.1
Was the first simple humanoid robot in the Gemini Series

The Gemini 0.1 was our first simple prototype target for the Mech Suit controller.

The robot can articulate human arm and hand motion fairly well and has a simple walking mechanic.  It’s not very fast, but standing over 6’1″ you’ll definitely notice it in a room.

The series is called “Gemini” because, when controlled by the Mech Suit, the robot acts it acts as your robotic twin. You can see what it sees and hear what it hears. You can wave your arms, and the robot will mimic your movement.

Using the Mech Suit a wearer can reach out with their normal human motion and cause the Gemini to shake someone’s hand, grab a cup of coffee, place items into a box and more.

Lessons learned from the Gemini 0.1 were applied to the next series of robots, the Gemini 0.2. We expect to have at least 10 iterations of the Gemini series, each with it’s own unique design characteristics.