gemini 0.2

The Gemini 0.2 (Untethered robot, self-driving)

Robot Statistics

Core Objective
Build an untethered (wireless robot).
VR controlled, wireless communication. Self-driving, obstacle avoidance. detects humans.
Activation Date
June 2020
Three Wheeled Variant
4' 2"
60 Lbs
Max Speed
10 MPH
Aluminum, ABS, PVC, PLA
Power Consumption
Battery Life
1 hour

The Gemini 0.2 was an experiment in mobility.

The objective was to build an untethered robot proxy that could be controlled from anywhere. Ideally you could jump into Virtual Reality and control this robot even if it was located in another country, extending your presence to anywhere on the globe.

This version utilizes standard cellular and GPS communication. It can navigate around large areas, avoid obstacles. The robot also has very simple human recognition and can play chase with humans. In addition, the Gemini 0.2 has improved articulation of its arm and hand movements, allowing it to perform more complex operations like stacking cups.

We setup a simple challenge for the robot: Patrol our parking lot, identify a visitor and politely ask them to leave. The Gemini 0.2 was able to accomplish this goal.

We used what we learned here to start our next design, the Gemini 0.3