gemini 0.2

Robot Statistics

Recognizes Humans.
Plays Chase.
GPS Navigation. Collision Avoidance.
Stacking Cups
Activation Date
June 2020
Wheeled Variant
4' 2"
60 Lbs
Max Speed
10 MPH
Aluminum, ABS, PVC, PLA
Power Consumption
Battery Life
1 hour

The Gemini 0.2
Adding speed and autonomous capabilities

The Gemini 0.2 brings a list of new capabilities to the Gemini series. This is an interesting little robot.  Our goal with the Gemini 0.2 was to expand the robot’s distance from its controller, and also to test important autonomous capabilities such as self driving, GPS navigation and collision avoidance.

This robot is fully wireless and can navigate around large areas (such as a parking lot) without problems, avoiding obstacles along the way (well sometimes a steep hill would cause it a problem). The robot can also play chase by choosing a human target and following them.

Not only that, but Mech Suit improvements allow the Gemini 0.2 to articulate control of its arms much better than its predecessor. The result is that it’s operator can use the Gemini 0.2 for complex tasks like stacking cups even if they’re controlling it from miles away.

The Gemini 0.2 is much faster than it’s predecessor with a top speed of around 10 MPH. The speed could be improved with better weight distribution on future robots.

We setup a simple challenge for the robot: Patrol our parking lot, identify a visitor and politely ask them to leave. The Gemini 0.2  did a pretty good job of this. We expect the next Gemini will improve on these capabilities in some meaningful and exciting ways.