gemini 0.3

The Gemini 0.3 (An experiment in strength)

Robot Statistics:

Core Objective:
Strength - can lift 90 lbs (45 lbs per arm).
Can tow 400 lbs. VR Controlled
Activation Date:
March 2021
Caterpillar Tracks
4' 4"
250 Lbs
Max Speed
Aluminum, ABS, PVC
Power Consumption
50 A (12v)
Battery Life
1 hour

The Gemini 0.3 is a an experiment in strength. 

Most robots today exhibit poor strength proportional to humans and struggle to lift more than 10 lbs. This makes them far too weak to be helpful to us in most daily tasks. Making a robot stronger generally means adding weight or bulk to the chassis and can result in a machine that is no longer human-sized.

Our goal for the Gemini 0.3 project was to build a robot that could lift a useful amount of weight relative to humans, but still maintain reasonable proportions. The Gemini 0.3 was able to lift 90 lbs (45 lbs per arm) with a total chassis weight of around 250 lbs before any attempt to optimize its form. 

Not a bad start. On to the next robot.