The Gemini 0.2

Gemini 0.2

* Coming Soon

* Check back later this year (2020) for updates on the project or register your email on our contact page to be notified of updates.

Gemini 0.2 Stats:

  • Height: ?
  • Weight: ?
  • Chassis Construction: ?
  • Power Req: ?
  • Hands: ?

The robot was equipped with a simple walking mechanic, and is not particularly fast (partly because it is quite heavy).  However, it did meet our project objectives. It mimics motion of the head, hand, upper body and torso quite well. You can see examples of it in motion on the Mech Suit page.

We called the robot “Gemini” because it can be thought of as the remote “twin” of whoever is wearing the Mech Suit. And it’s numbered “0.1” because, well it’s an alpha version and we want to give ourselves plenty of attempts to get it right.

Moving Forward:

Lessons learned during the robots construction are already being applied to our next robot: The Gemini 0.2.  This next version will include improvements that will provide us a good platform for testing our control software.

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