The Mech Suit™

Is a full body robotic controller suit, that translates human movement to a robotic target.

The suit’s patent pending-design is the product of our research in motion capture, virtual reality and game control interfaces. When wearing the suit, you can see what the robot sees, hear what the robot hears and control it using your own body motion, even if it is stationed somewhere else. The robot is, in essence, a remote extension of yourself.

The human body has evolved over millions of years to perform fine motor operations that are not always easy to represent in levers, switches and buttons. The Mech Suit is an intuitive interface, because it allows you to operate machines using your normal body movements.

The suit emerged from our research in designing VR gloves that went much, much farther. Early versions were started using off the shelf HMD and controller interfaces so that we could work what requirements are necessary to build a suit from the ground up. At Human Mode, we use the suit to explore applications for semi-autonomous robots.  These are robots that couple the strength of a machine, with the power of human decision making.

The suit can also be used to control digital avatars (such as those in games or VR), but we prefer to use it this way because our research has shown that robots…are just really cool.

Gemini Robots

To test the suit, we built our first in a series of robots we call “Gemini” (because they act like your twin). The Gemini 0.1 was a 6’1″, 130 lb.  humanoid robot with a simple walking mechanic. It was built primarily to test the upper body features of the suit. We are currently working on the Gemini 0.2, which will be significantly more advanced. You can find out more about these robots and our other robotics projects on the Human Mode site.

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