ntt 0.1

NTT (entity) 0.1 - Synthetic Intelligence Project


Core Objective:
To Learn
Activation Date:
December 2020
Not Applicable
About the height of a digital brain
About the weight of a digital brain
Max Speed
Let's just say you could beat it in a foot race

The NTT (entity) is our synthetic intelligence project.  

This is version 0.1. We know it looks a bit like a 1980’s VHS camcorder, but it’s what is inside that counts.

NTT version 0.1 was concerned with vision focused tasks. This version also has some conversational abilities, but that was not the focus of the research. It just makes it more fun to talk with.

One task we challenged it with was to recognize someone it doesn’t know and meet them. “That just sounds likes every other facial recognition software”. You say. 

Not exactly. The NTT is designed to work with limited data. It can recognize someone it’s never seen, and then  immediately remember them going forward.  This is potentially a useful skill for bots in hospitality or caregiver roles. In our case, we plan to use it as our receptionist, so it can enjoy spending time interacting with people every day.

Watch for future versions as our work on the NTT continues.