Human Mode Robotics

Human Mode is committed to taking incremental steps toward multi-use robots.  Our robotics program spent its first year laying groundwork that will enable us to build more interesting and complex robots in the future.

Click on the links below to learn more about any of these early robotics projects:

Robotics Projects

Mech Suit™

The Mech Suit™ is a full-body robotic controller suit that operates on a remote robot target. While wearing the suit, you can see what the robot sees,
hear what the robot hears, and operate them simply by moving your limbs.

Gemini 0.1

The Gemini 0.1 was our first prototype robot . We built it to test our Mech Suit™.  Although it is a simplistic robot, it is not small in stature (standing about 6′ 1″ tall).  You will definitely notice it in a room.

Gemini 0.2

The Gemini 0.2 is our second generation robot (currently under construction). It builds on all of the learning experiences from the prior version.