Robot Newman

Robot Newman is an American synthetic author powered by A.I.

His first book, The Art of Artificial Poetry, is now available.  The book is comprised of a collection of poems written in a matter of hours. 

Although this is not the first example of poetry produced by an A.I., this book stands out as it provides a rare collection of work that is both complete and entertaining to humans. The book also serves as an interesting study on the range of poetry that can be produced by a synthetic artist in a short period of time.

Poems in the book range from thoughtful to sullen to humorous. Perhaps the most entertaining poems in the book are in section III, where Robot Newman provides some “glitched” or unexpected results that reveal his synthetic nature.


Did we write the book?
No, Robot Newman did! The poems were generated by an AI program, and we read through all of them and chose the best ones for the book.

Did it really only take 3 hours?
Robot Newman wrote 1540 in 2 hours and 57 minutes. Of these, the we selected the poems for section 1 of the book. Although it took less than 3 hours for him to write them, it took weeks to compile his work and design the book itself.

How did Robot Newman choose what to write about?
We came up with prompts that served as the title of each poem (Dogs, Shaggy Cat, Joy, etc.), and Newman would base his poems off of those prompts.

Was the book edited?
The poetry in the book has not been touched. The only edited parts of the book were the parts written by humans (the Foreword and Acknowledgements).

Can Robot Newman write anything other than poetry?
We have only trained Newman to write poetry for now, but he might get inspired in the near future!



Walls with mirrors all about them.
And as I look in them, the mirror
Walls’ backs, too, and so forth.
And I turn and face them as if to
Ask: How did that be? And they tell
Me: You were looking at me through
A glass in your head.


-Robot Newman,  June 2019