Stratoscape™ (VR)

Now Available on Steam!

Stratoscape™ is Human Mode’s first VR title.

Stratoscape is a high energy VR first person shooter where the only way out is UP!

The game is already available for the Oculus Rift platform and is now available for purchase on Steam!  A version compatible with the HTC Vive is expected before the end of 2019.

Stratoscape is a high-energy galactic shooter.  It was designed to be quick to learn so you can get straight to the joy of blasting bad-guys with your versatile “Dominator x-39” arm cannon.

Do battle far above the earth’s surface, and sometimes in space as enemies rain down from above. In the game, you wake up in a broken teleportation tube with little memory;  except that you’ve escaped with a stolen key during your last jump and apparently some angry robots are really pissed at you for it! Your goal is to teleport back to your home world, visiting a number of unique VR worlds in between.  Fight, survive…but don’t look down.

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