Stratoscape™ (VR)

Stratoscape is a high-energy VR first person shooter where the only way out is UP!


Stratoscape™ is Human Mode’s first VR title.

…and we had a lot of fun making it.  The game was designed for the Oculus Rift platform and will be available on Steam fall of 2019.

Stratoscape is a high-energy shooter game.  It was designed to be quick to learn so you can get straight to the joy of blasting bad-guys with your versatile “Dominator x-39” arm cannon.

Do battle far above the earth’s surface, and sometimes in space as enemies rain down from above. In the game, you wake up in a broken teleportation tube with little memory;  except that you’ve escaped with a stolen key during your last jump and apparently some angry robots are really pissed at you for it! Your goal is to teleport back to your home world, visiting a number of unique VR worlds in between.  Fight, survive…but don’t look down.

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