About Us

About our company

Human Mode Robotics was founded in late 2017 to advance capabilities in general purpose and mixed collaborative robots. We believe in a future where these systems will help humans with daily tasks and operate in environments that are generally unfavorable to humans (such as low-light, extreme temperatures, space etc.). Our core efforts can be broken down into these areas:

  • Robots that operate in uncontrolled environments (such as outdoors)
  • VR, immersive or intuitive controls
  • Mixed robot team operations
  • Humanoid or human-inspired robots.

We live in a world constructed for humans, where most interfaces are human friendly today. For that reason we believe strongly in the long term utility of the humanoid form in general purpose robot design, and look forward to continuing to make progress in that arena each year.


In 2022, we completed a dedicated 12,000 sq ft robotics shop and prototyping facility. It provide us with the necessary tools, CAD, machining, high-resolution SLS printing, GPU hosting, and acreage to to test our bots in terrain for faster prototyping and concept turnaround.

Enter the “Proxy”

Human Mode has been an early pioneer in teleoperation through VR and the use of “proxy” robots such as our Gemini research model. Starting as early as our original Mech Suit v1 design and piloting the very first Gemini 0.1 robot. Since that time we have continued to improve and generalize the Mech Suit software so that it is now a general purpose software, that works with standard OpenXR devices and supports off-the-shelf cameras, allowing us and others to integrate into future projects easily.

We plan to continue to test chassis capability using human controlled proxies. After all, if a robot design is not useful or reliable when driven by a human brain, it is unlikely to be suddenly useful when autonomous. Proxy robots also serve a number of natural use cases of their own such as:

  • When an operator cannot be in the same location as the robot
  • When an operator should not be in the same location for safety concerns.

We then pursue general purpose synthetic and environmental intelligence through our NTT “Entity” AI software which can be utilized across our robot designs.