Lynx 0.4 (quadruped)

The Lynx is our early current quadruped design. Like the Gemini, the Lynx is designed to be used as a proxy and can be piloted using our VR control software. The Lynx is a helpful team addition when you need to take an operators presence over uncertain terrain that is best navigated with legs.

The Lynx is relatively young bot, with the first version coming online in 2020. Past iterations have helped us improve our techniques for gait, balance, simulation, and sim2real mapping. We expect future versions of this robot to be increasly helpful in carrying light payloads, a variety of sensors and working with other robots in the team for increased environmental understanding.

Early Versions

The Lynx quadruped has given us a platform for testing work on balance, gait, hydraulic actuation, and more. As well as improving our design and simulation processes. Each generation of the Lynx continues to improve over the last. Future iterations will target improvements in speed, agility, cost and environmental awareness.