Gemini 0.4 (Humanoid Proxy)

The goal of the Gemini project is to leverage our experience in robotics and XR design to create a durable, useful, and affordable humanoid proxy robot that can be piloted remotely by an individual even at great distances and stand in for its operator when the environment is unfriendly or inaccessible to humans.

The Gemini pilot is extending their presence into the machine often through standard VR equipment. Giving them first hand situational awareness of what the robot is experiencing in its remote environment, and the benefits of using their natural human motion and full stereoscopic vision of the environment.

In the long run the Gemini should evolve into a capable, walking, durable, dexterous humanoid robot that acts like an extension of its host. The current generation is Gemini 0.4 which is the first vision built at our new fabrication shop.

Use Cases

Ultimately we expect the Gemini robot to be a helpful tool wherever humanoid shape and dexterity is required for a tasks, but the robot must operate at a distance or in an environment that is not ideal for humans.

  • tasks in extreme temperatures
  • research
  • high liability construction or warehouse duties
  • defense/security
  • zero oxygen (space )
  • and more.

Early Versions

The Gemini project started in 2019 with the Gemini 0.1. our first proxy robot. Since then it has been through a number of iterations. Each version was intended to test something new (strength, dexterity, gait, remote communication, etc.).