VR Teleoperation

Mech Suit Control Software

Human Mode is an expert in Virtual Reality (VR) teleoperation of robots, being an active innovator in the space since early 2019 with our patented Mech Suit design. Our software allows its user to extend their presence to a remote robot with full stereoscopic vision, depth perception, and the ability to use their natural human motion to control a remote machine.

Our Mech suit design allowed full motion capture and translation of human movement to a remote robot target. Since that time, the Mech Suit teleoperation software has continued to evolve into a multipurpose XR/robot control software allowing operators to easily extend their presence to a remote machine and control it using their natural human motion. It supports standard off-the-shelf cameras and most OpenXR compatible devices, giving robot designers the freedom to choose the components they use for their design without special purpose hardware.

Mech Suit Software


“If your goal is to extend your presence to a remote machine and do real work there with depth perception, Human Mode has the technology to make that a reality.