Robots for a human-sized world

Since 2017, our core focus has been advancing robots and software systems that can operate in uncertain environments. We do this through work on legged systems, team robotic systems and remote teleoperation necessary to help humans extend their presence to the robots, and even operate them at a safe distance when required.

With our dedicated prototyping facilities, our engineers can quickly create and fabricate innovative designs that could be impactful for the industrial, healthcare, defense, first response, and research industries.

Research & Development

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Humanoid / Bipeds




VR Teleoperation

“Mech Suit”

AI Robot Intelligence


Control & Communication

News & Events

  • Women in Science Conference

    Women in Science Conference

    Oklahoma City, Ok. Oc. 24 2023 – Human Mode attended this year’s Women and Science event at the SMO, giving kids and attendants a chance to interact with various robot designs.

  • OSU Future Of Work Summit

    OSU Future Of Work Summit

    Oklahoma City, OK Jan 12, 2022Human Mode invited to present technology work at OSUs inaugural “Future or work summit”. The event held downtown at the downtown Oklahoma City convention center.

  • Human Mode Moves into 12,000 SQ ft fabriaction lab

    Human Mode Moves into 12,000 SQ ft fabriaction lab

    Oklahoma City, OK January 12, 2022 – Human Mode Robotics moves into a newly 12,000 sq ft robot shop and fabrication lab. The new lab off 1-35 will feature new a number of new 3D printing and machining systems, server hosting, and plenty of power to add more equipment. The company expects the new shop…

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