Featured on Advancements TV Series

Our early robotics research and development was featured on the Advancements Television Series hosted by Ted Danson. Advancements covers a vast number of industries and economies, featuring the state-of-the-art technologies and solutions dedicated to shaping, molding, and transforming our world.

We welcomed the Advancements TV crew to take a look at our early robotics projects. We also discussed some of our significant efforts in building more intelligent machines. Some of the research projects that we revealed within our first 18 months as a team:

  • Mech Suit – A full-body motion control suit that translates human movement onto a robotic target.
  • Gemini 0.1 – Our first prototype robot, built to articulate human arm and hand motion via the Mech Suit.
  • Gemini 0.2 – Our first wireless robot, built to test important autonomous capabilities such as self driving, GPS navigation and collision avoidance.